Advice to My Future NaNo-ing Self

Before you ask: yes, I won! I hit 50,042 words (with the NaNo word validator–Scrivener says 50,073) today at about 5:30 pm. SO much earlier than the 10 and 11 pm sprints I’ve made during 2011 and Camp 2013. I’m up a little late typing up this blog, but… this is fun. Not stressful.

As I was flying towards the finish line, stumbling over pretty pathetic prose, wishing it could be over–I started to think of some advice I would give to myself for next year’s NaNo. I’ll have the same crazy schedule revolving around my drama troop for most of the time, the same stress and work level (perhaps a bit more since I’ll be a junior). Next year will be the first year I’ve attempted NaNo one year right after winning another. I didn’t do much for NaNo 2012 (I may have plotted something and written a few hundred words, but I certainly didn’t get past the first couple of days), so this time I’ll have some fresher memories under my belt. However, I know I’ll need some help along the way. So here’s my advice for next year’s NaNo–and for you, if you’re wondering if anyone has some advice for you. It’s advice for everyone! Continue reading


Day 29 Burnout

It’s the second-to-last day of National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo), and I have 6,244 words left before I hit 50,000.

As you may have seen in my previous post, I’m quite the procrastinator. I spent part of today changing the blog’s theme to a Christmas one and sifting through the settings and other unimportant things. I’m allowing myself to peruse the NaNo Forums and chat with other people who are also behind (and some who’ve hit the quarter-million mark: 250,000 words. How and why.) I feel the exhaustion slipping in, even as I can see the finish line, others in my NaNoWriMo Malaysia Facebook group posting their winner’s certificates, my wordcount chart climb steadily higher. Continue reading

Just a NaNoWriMo Procrastination Project

Hello there!

Currently, I’m on day 28 of NaNoWriMo, and I’ve got about 10,400 more words to write in three days. So what am I doing? Creating a WordPress blog. I don’t know how many blogs I have, stacking up all my Tumblogs, Blogger things, and now this. At least this one is a shiny, official one with my name as the URL! Also, WordPress blogs tend to look slicker than Blogger blogs or Tumblr layouts.

I’m struggling getting the words out on the page in my last attempts to win the beautiful NaNo 2014 winner’s shirt with a dragon and knight. I need that shirt. It calls to me from the depths of the writing abyss from which I am being dragged away from. If I can only get in another 1,000…

A happy belated Thanksgiving to anyone reading this! Now, to get back to writing after an hour’s detour. 😛