Finals Week: A Week of Suck

“Ravenclaws are smart,” you say. “Why should exams be stressful?”

Oh, excuse me. I seem to be trying to recover from a sudden, unexpected bout of coughing. You see, I’m in the middle of final exams right now, and I have this burning urge to throw a book at—… I’m sorry. I’m going to drop the pretentious attitude and act like a normal person.

My actual response? Yeah, no. Exams are stressful for everyone. Except for those two guys who sit in the corner of the common room reading like every time we walk up there. We wonder when they eat or sleep. I think they’re fifth years, but I really don’t know.

I was about to launch into a long tirade about how not all Ravenclaws are geniuses, some get in with creativity, etc. but then I realized I was only blogging to complain about finals… not to justify the sorting hat. So yes. I’ve just finished my last exam (I’m sitting in the exam room waiting to be allowed to leave, actually) and I couldn’t be happier! I have nothing planned for the rest of the day, tomorrow is mostly free, and I’m leaving for New Zealand in less than a week! Lots of writing time and free hours to finally finish Fullmetal Alchemist.

I don’t think the fact that it’s winter break has fully sunk in yet. Maybe once I turn all my library books back in, clean out my backpack, and start packing for the land of the kiwis… I don’t really feel excited yet. Perhaps it’s because I’m running a low-grade fever and have been coughing periodically to disturb the quiet testing environment—but then again, it’s like this every year. I never feel like it’s vacation until I’m halfway through with it and realize that I’ve wasted most of the time I needed to get real stuff done. Here’s stuff I want to get done over the break:
•Finish the copious amounts of television and anime I haven’t yet (FMA, Walking Dead, and Once Upon a Time, mostly)
•Finish reading Order of the Phoenix to my little sister
•Make my 1/4-finished NaNo draft semi-coherent so that should I ever come back to it I can at least not cringe every other line
•Teach myself more Spanish because Spanish is cool
•More wall art
•Start vlogging weekly (or make a bunch and schedule them)

Sorry for that spewing of plans—no one really needs to read those, but I needed to write them down somewhere. Hold me accountable for those of you want!

Next… posting my New Years’ Resolutions for everyone to see. 😉


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