Introversion + People-Pleasing Tendencies = INFJ Problems

As I type this, I’ve been sitting at my desk in my room for over 3 hours, my favorite music playing, Tumblr open in one tab, various other social media and blog posts in others… I’m in my happy place. I haven’t been away from people for this long in I don’t know how long. It’s so refreshing–but at the same time, I feel guilty. My thoughts continue to drift to my family, the only other people around. Do they feel neglected? Am I being too reclusive? I’m not even being productive, so why am I shut up in my room?

Ah, the problems of being a people-pleaser and an introvert. It’s interesting how this works. Here I am recharged, more energized than I have been in a while, worrying about other people. I don’t even want to be around those other people… why am I worrying? Continue reading


2k15 Goals

My last post detailed my resolutions for 2015—the things I wanted to do differently this year. I like to classify resolutions, though, as something different than just goals. Goals can encircle resolutions, but they also include one-time things and specific achievements that one doesn’t necessarily need to “do better” but simply “do.” This post is just a quick overview of the things I’d like to get done in 2k15. Continue reading

Obligatory Blogger’s 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

You really don’t want to read another blogger’s resolutions, do you? Please, feel free to skip this one over. It’s probably not going to be any different.

Alright, here’s a generic opening paragraph about how new years are such perfect times to sort out your life, how much we’ve all failed in the past, how much I’m going to try to make it different this year… Okay. That’s out of the way. On to the stuff you actually came for: the list. Continue reading