The Perils of International Schools (or: Goodbyes are Constant)

As you may or may not be aware of, I attend an International school over here in Malaysia.

We’re an American school of grades K-12 with just over 500 students. It’s a small place, and every year we lose our seniors and countless other families. Of course more come to take their place, and the size of the school is steadily growing; but when people leave or graduate, they don’t just move upstate. More often than not, they move across the ocean. Continue reading


Debate Team: What I’ll Do Better Next Year

debate irl

This year was the first year I participated in the SEA Forensics Tournament hosted by ISKL (International School of Kuala Lumpur), and I had a blast! I was a finalist in Oral Interpretation (I read a passage from Life of Pi aloud dramatically, complete with Indian, British, and Muslim accents)… and our Debate Team didn’t even make it to quarter finals. It was our first year and we all learned a lot, and I’m not actually upset about it–I didn’t go to win. I went to have fun. Debating is something I love to do regardless of victory or defeat.

That being said, winning is fun. We came close to winning one of our three rounds, so we’re not completely hopeless! I put together a rather short list of things I could do better. So, future Kimberly–here’s some advice. Take it. 🙂 Continue reading