Vox Populi’s Debut EP Is Here!


Two of my best friends ever just released one of the best EDM EPs ever! They go under the name Vox Populi, and they produce some pretty awesome music. Separately, they go by Krook and Aspien, but they’ve been working together so much they just have a different group name now. PLEASE please please go check out their amazing new EP called Out of the Vox (excellent pun… heh.) They’ve got some amazing songs and are really, really talented.Even if you don’t like EDM, this stuff is really good music in general. Share it around!

Here’s a link to their EP on SoundCloud! Go check out their other songs and individual profiles, as well (Krook has a pretty sick Carol of the Bells cover on his personal SoundCloud page, for starters.) Share this around if you have friends who like EDM or any kind of electronic stuff.

I’m so, so proud of them and hope you’ll enjoy their music as much as I do. EDM isn’t everyone’s thing, but it’s way more than just “noise and a kick drum,” as some affectionately term it. Give it a try if you haven’t!

TL;DR: Two of my best friends published a really good EDM EP that you should go check out here.


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