Initial Thoughts on ‘The Cursed Child’

I wrote this up at 12:00 am just after I finished reading The Cursed Child! I’ll be posting a full review sometime soon. Enjoy this jumbled bit of text written through sleep deprivation and post-reading haze. 🙂

I didn’t care as much for the script format–made it harder to visualize the characters and their personalities. I wish I could envision Albus and Scorpius better; they’re a little fuzzy in my mind.

Some of the lines read awkwardly, and I felt a few people were out of character a lot. I’m not sure how I felt about Hermione being Minister, either–she just doesn’t seem like she’d enjoy that. I didn’t like the weird romance stuff between her and Ron in the Dark past, either–it felt so contrived and really, really forced. I expected a lot better. (Plus, there was some serious Snape/Hermione subtext. Dang. It wasn’t even subtle.)

As for the plot? Well… to be honest, I’ve read much more spectacular time-travel stories. It felt so jumbled and not well thought-out, to be frank. They could go stop themselves from stopping the tasks, but they could only go to each task once? That was so odd. And the blanket thing was kind of Deus Ex Machina. A lot of it was Deus Ex Machina, actually. I wish the explanations for why the future changed weren’t so word-vomit-y.

They could have done SO MUCH MORE with the Dark past!! Umbridge as Headmistress was kind of cool, and I’m a little bit in love with rebel Granger and Ron. (And Snape. Shh.) and the ‘Voldemort and Valor’ was actually pretty sweet. I would read the HECK out of that AU. Unfortunately, they concentrated on, like, Scorpius’s love life and stuff? I wish they’d focused less on Scorpius’s personal life changing and more on the cool stuff they did in the AU. Honestly I never realized I would be into a gritty Harry-dies AU with rebels, but… dude. I need to go write that fanfiction right now.

I heard complaints about Harry being a bad father before I read this, and I see where they’re coming from. To be honest, it was a tad OOC but Harry has always had a temper–he says stuff he regrets a lot. The person I was more disappointed in was Ginny–she was so bland!! She wasn’t even concerned for Albus it felt like… Harry’s like, crying, and Ginny’s like ‘Eh stop acting like we’ve already lost, you’re his father, l;jalgjaeg’ like… she’s a mom? Isn’t she worried at all? I hope the acting version sort of fixed this and that it was lost in translation, so to speak… but I felt like Ginny was movie Ginny and not awesome badass book Ginny or even realistic worried mom Ginny.

I LOVED SNAPE’S DIALOGUE. He was SO in-character and he finally said what J.K. Rowling and every pro-Snape person has been arguing for: “I couldn’t save Harry for Lily. So now I give my allegiance to the cause she believed in. And it’s possible–that along the way I started believing in it myself.” In the end, the directions reference him as being ‘every inch a hero’. This makes me so, so happy. You have no idea. There it is, on paper. The real reason Snape fought so hard.

The two main guys were pretty neat. I still don’t feel like I know them very well, but I’m sure the actors did a good job with characterization. Albus is insecure, wanting love, and values friendship above all else. He’s fairly straightforward, though. I was glad to see him in Slytherin and eventually loving it–Slytherins are pretty great. Scorpius is a fun-loving, curious, and perceptive kid (honestly I loved him) and definitely not like his father. He has close friendship, which made a world of difference. I wonder if he’s how Draco might have turned out had he had close friends (like the man mentions in passing in the script.) His crush on Rose was a little awkwardly-done (she has like no screen time?) but it was pretty cute.

I wish James and Rose had gotten more screen/stage time! James sounds like such a fun big brother when he’s not being mean, and I didn’t really get to know Rose too well. She’s a bit lie her mother and her father… but that’s so vague and I wish we’d seen more of her and James. And Lily basically didn’t exist. *sigh*

Overall? I did like it. It was a little anticlimactic for me, and the plot itself was mildly disappointing (I want PoA-level time travel, not *we better go clean up a bunch of messes* time travel!) The dialogue read a little awkwardly in places, so I wish I could see it in person before passing full judgement; and a few of the characters were just not really well-written, especially Ginny. However, the story was sweet and it did the world justice for the most part. I can’t say I felt the “magic” I got from reading the books for the first time, but I’ll chalk that up to being older, this being in script format, and having new characters I don’t know super well. I did enjoy the book, and while there were parts I found tedious, implausible, or kind of silly (basically the whole ending? like, Delphi why are you even here) it was a fun story with lots of new canon to play with and be excited about. (I always knew Bellatrix and Voldemort were a thing!! And it’s confirmed now!!) My favorite bits were Scorpius being adorkable and the AMAZING redemption Snape had and how well it was portrayed.

I’ll write full, more comprehensive review later–I just needed to get this all out before I read any other reviews or things about TCC 🙂


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