Hobbiton Profile PicKimberly Horton is a high school student living in Malaysia with her family. She writes high and urban fantasy and also dabbles in YA. Don’t ask her about her fanfiction. When she’s not frantically trying to cram writing sessions between bouts of schoolwork and projects, she binges YouTube, connects with irl and online friends, and daydreams about a multitude of fictional characters.

The italicized description above is probably what would go on any book I publish, but it’s pretty vague. For anyone who’s really curious about me and the stuff I like, feel free to read on for a better profile of me!

For some of my favorite books, go check out my Goodreads account! I don’t have every single book I’ve ever read on there (for obvious reasons), but the ones I felt were good enough to still remember and all of the books I’m reading currently are on there. I try to keep my “currently reading” list fairly accurate, though a few have been on there for a while, and I feel they’ll be there for a while longer still. *coughInheritancecough*

An author I really enjoy is John Green, but his books aren’t actually my favorite thing he does–I really love his and his brother Hank’s YouTube channel, the VlogBrothers. I’ve got my own channel (that I haven’t posted on since I was 15… beware) aqui. My favorite YouTubers? There’s way too many to mention, but I love Kristina Horner, Katie Gregoire, Ryan Higa, chaseGodtv, The Game/Film Theorists, sWooZie, and Blimey Cow just to name a few.

If you read my blog or talk to me often, you’ll know I’m a bit of a personality geek. I’m an INFJ in Myers Briggs and a Type 2 for Enneagram. All the emotional sensitivity and reliance on people’s opinions, and none of the self-confidence! Yay, me! Just kidding–INFJs are the best. 😀

My music taste is so diverse that I should probably just give you a link to my Spotify profile so you’ll get a good understanding. Just add a little Taylor Swift to that (because she took her songs off of Spotify earlier last year) and you get my general taste. 🙂

So clearly, I’m a pretty cool person–but you can’t really get to know me unless you talk to me. Shoot me an e-mail, check out my instagram, take a look at my SoundCloud, or add me on Snapchat! I’m excited to hear from you. 😀


I love to talk! Leave me a comment and I guarantee an enthusiastic reply!

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