My Books

Excuse the sadness of this page for a moment and hear me out.

I, like most writers, have written some things. I’m not proud of all of these things, but I’ve written them nonetheless. The fact is, I have two complete books written as of now… both of them so embarrassing that I don’t actually want to share them with anyone. Below are descriptions of the books I have written so far (with no links… because they’re kinda gross.)


This novel came out of my first NaNoWriMo attempt in grade 6 (year 7; form 1). Being young enough that I had the passion and time to write for about an hour a day, I won (and still treasure my winner’s shirt to this day.) The book that resulted had the most terrible plot ever possible for a story with very poorly written characters who changed without any reason throughout the story. It’s called Unearthed, and it basically goes like this: two kids are invited to a secretive club. It’s fun for a while, but the club’s actual motive is to use their young members to… take over the world.


The writing in the book merely reflects my growth and development as a writer—I know that book was quite a good exercise for me, and the writing I did afterwards was significantly better. So while I consider it a finished novel, it’s not one I’d show anyone. Just a personal milestone.

The Darkness’s Dragon:

My second book is one with better prose and a little more planning, but it still doesn’t reflect the writing I’m doing today. The idea was that I write my entire class into a book. There are many, many characters (only about 7 main ones, but still) and the whole plot is just really random and thrown together. It was written for Camp NaNo and was hardly edited after that… so there are many typos and strange things that really should have been cut (like long, rambling songs.)

If you really want to read it, I’ll send you the PDF… but it’s an embarrassing 8th-grade attempt at a story, and you can probably already guess how bad it is.

Projects I’m Working on:

Currently I have two unfinished manuscripts and many unwritten ideas. The first book involves Dungeons and Dragons and lots of geekery, and the second is a fantasy novel titled The Glass Princess. There’s another document floating around somewhere with zombies and dystopia. Nothing is going to be released imminently, though, so try to be satisfied with my old fanfiction on DeviantART (if you can find it, muahaha.)