My Impossible List

For those of you who haven’t heard of Joel Runyon’s Impossible List, an Impossible List is kind of like a Bucket List. Only it’s anything but a bucket list.

An Impossible List is a constantly changing list of your goals, accomplishments, and experiences that you are always updating, adding to, and finding new ways to challenge yourself. In short, it’s kind of like keeping a massive to-do list for your entire life. It’s also about seeing how much you raised the bar: what you thought was impossible last year might be totally do-able, even laughable, a few years down the road. Take a look at one of my favorite blogger Thomas Frank (of’s Impossible List for a great example.

See all the things he’s crossed out, added to, and how, after he’s completed a goal, made goals even larger for himself? This is not a bucket list to check off and feel like a failure because you just haven’t found time to go to space with NASA or skydive. It’s a list that starts out with a few goals, a few steps towards the crazy dream you hold, and slowly blossoms into something great–something impossible.

With all that behind me, here it is. My Impossible List:

Current Focuses

  • Play circle of 5ths fluidly on tuba
  • Create and stick to a morning/evening routine
  • Learn to use GarageBand
  • Create a personal website

Last 5 Completed Goals

  • Finish Junior Year Semester 1 on Honor Roll [Weighted GPA stayed over 4.0 WHAT]
  • Take SAT [January 2016 – woot woot!]
  • Get a 4 or 5 on the AP English Composition exam [I GOT A 5!!!!]
  • Fill out FAFSA
  • Fill out CommonApp (It’s really happening… I’m going to college??)

Music Goals

  • Learn to use GarageBand
  • Teach myself to Flutebox (yes, it’s a thing)
  • Learn circle of 4ths on guitar (scales from C to G)
  • Play circle of 5ths fluidly on tuba
  • Start guitar lessons
  • Start piano lessons (again)

Writing Goals

  • Win NaNoWriMo [Done 2011, 2014, 2015]
    • Win NaNoWriMo 2 years in a row [Done 2014-2015!]
    • Win NaNoWriMo 3 years in a row! (why not, right?)
  • Finish a first draft of a novel
  • Submit a query letter to a publishing company
  • Attend a writing conference

Productivity Goals

  • All current HabitRPG goals
  • Create and stick to a morning/evening routine

Reading Goals

  • Read 20 books in 2016 (11/20) My “Currently Reading” Goodreads widget is in this blog’s sidebar! Check it out and add me on Goodreads!
  • Finish the Inheritance Cycle (Currently Reading Inheritance; 4/4)

Language Goals

  • Learn Sindarin/a Tolkien Elvish language
  • Become fluent in Spanish
    • Master preterit and imperfect tenses
  • Learn Mandarin
    • Learn basic phrases
    • Learn 100 characters
  • Learn Korean
  • Perfect Kiwi Accent [I feel like mine’s pretty good now…]
    • Convince a Kiwi that I, too, am a Kiwi (contact me if you’d like to test this)

Coding/Computer Goals

  • Complete Codecademy’s JavaScript course (56% complete)
  • Complete Codecademy’s Python course
  • Complete Codecademy’s PHP course
  • Complete Codeacademy’s Ruby on Rails course
  • Complete Codeacademy’s Java course
  • Complete MIT’s free online Python course
  • Utilize every programming language I know on a personal website somehow

Travel Goals

  • Visit China
  • Visit Australia
  • Visit New Zealand [Dec 2014-Jan 2015]
    • Visit twice [Dec 2015-Jan 2016]
    • Visit thrice!!
  • Visit England
  • Visit France
  • Visit a Spanish-speaking country (Chile or Ecuador, perhaps)
  • Visit Vietnam
  • Visit Singapore (though Changi Airport is fabulous, it doesn’t count)
  • Visit the Philippines [April 2014]

Fitness/Health Goals

  • Complete Blogilates Beginner’s Calendar 2.0 (getting in shape) [Finished April 25, 2015!]
  • Design my own regular fitness routine
  • Get to bed by 11pm each night (Ha. Ha. Ha.)

School Goals

  • Finish Sophomore Year on Honor Roll [June 2015]
    • Finish Junior Year Semester 1 on Honor Roll [Weighted GPA stayed over 4.0 WHAT]
    • Finish Junior Year on Honor Roll [Aww yeah!!!]
    • Finish Senior year Semester 1 on High Honor Roll
  • Get a 4 or 5 on the AP English Composition exam [I GOT A 5!!!!]

College (Prep) Goals

  • Apply to a college scholarship [July 2015 and ongoing!]
    • Apply to a scholarship once a week until the end of my senior year [haha this isn’t going so well]
    • Win a college scholarship
  • Talk to parents and guidance counselor about potential colleges
  • Take PSAT [October 2015: I scored 1460 out of 1520! (~2300 on regular SAT scale)]
  • Take SAT [January 2016 – 2020, baby!]
  • Fill out FAFSA [Is this really happening??]
  • Fill out CommonApp [I’m going to college?! What?!]
  • Choose a University

Professional Goals

  • Create personal website
  • Get my first job (other than Staff kid childcare)

I love to talk! Leave me a comment and I guarantee an enthusiastic reply!

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